About Klein's Restoration Services LLC.

Klein's Restoration is a full service environmental, site development, restoration company. From best management practices (BMPs) to erosion control devices (ECDs), Klein's offers environmental monitoring, restoration services, seeding, silt socks, timber matting, construction accesses, storm water management, site development and traffic control.


Completed 2015 Work Includes:

  • 57 miles of timber matting installed/removed
  • 44 miles of silt socks installed
  • 30 miles of silt fence installed
  • 1,000+ acres of pipeline/powerline restored
  • 26 pads constructed - 8 lay down facilities constructed
  • 175 high voltage 230Kv-500Kv transmission line towers accessed and restored across 6 states
  • 84 bridges installed/removed without negative environmental impact
  • Non-Union contractor
  • 390,333 miles traveled in 2015 accident/injury free
  • 160,400 man hours worked in 2015 accident/injury free