Klein’s Environmental Services - Providing for a More Sustainable Future

A wide variety of planning, consultation, inspection, and reporting services are provided by the Klein’s Environmental Management division. Currently serving primarily as an “in-house” environmental service for electric transmission line construction, reconstruction, and upgrading projects, many improvements to best management practices, erosion and sediment control, and restoration have been directed on numerous jobsites due to the efficient and cost-effective provision of self-oversight monitoring. Just in 2015, environmental compliance monitoring, stormwater pollution prevention inspection, improvement recommendation, and NPDES reporting were completed by our staff on 38 different electric transmission projects. The overall environmental compliance, quality control status, and project planning and maintenance of Klein’s Restoration Services’ work has benefitted from efforts by qualified individuals holding environmental and natural resources degrees and certifications, who direct and conduct the services listed below:


  • Erosion and Sediment Control and Best Management Practice plan development & consultation
  • Erosion Control Device layout planning
  • Environmental site inspections and stormwater impact assessments prior to work activities
  • Pollution prevention planning


Active Construction

  • Stormwater & pollution prevention inspections and reporting
  • Environmental impacts assessments and minimization consultation
  • Maintenance inspection and reporting
  • Environmental management review and regulation
  • Best Management Practice and Erosion Control Device procedure, installation, and improvement advising



  • Environmental & restorative oversight
  • Quality control inspection, analysis, consultation, and reporting
  • Impacts and recovery assessment
  • Best Management Practice and Erosion Control Device effectiveness assurance inspection
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  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring Pic 2
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring Pic 3