Erosion and Sediment Control

With limits of disturbance it is highly important to install proper erosion and sediment control devices. Protecting waterways with proper devices is mandatory and necessary for all construction projects. Our Silt Soxx meet all DEP, EPA, and AASHTO Filter Soxx specifications for all applications. Klein's Restoration LLC. offers seeding and stabilization for all terrains, no matter how steep the slope. Our team has an enormous amount of experience in every terrain throughout 8 states including, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan, New York, and Maryland. We offer services in all erosion and sediment control products ranging from:
  • Silt Fence and Super Silt Fence
  • Silt Soxx ( Ranging from 8"-32")
  • Palletize Silt Socks (Meeting All Specifications)
  • Temporary and Permanent Seeding
  • ECM: S75 Matting, S150 Matting, and S150 BN Erosion Matting
  • Storm Water Management
  • TRM Matting: SC250 Matting
  • Sediment Traps
  • Site Inspections
  • Flexterra Slope Stabilization, Earthguard Erosion Control

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