Vegetation stabilization is the oldest and most effective permanent erosion and sediment control method available. Klein's Restoration LLC. specializes in handling all your seeding and hydro-seeding needs on any type of topography. Klein's seeding process starts with the projected ENS plan, using proposed seed types and getting soil samples to determine what is needed to establish vegetation.

Our team of professionals will work hand and hand with you to create the most efficient and cost effective plan for your seeding requirements and get your grass growing. Klein's seeding services and solutions include:
  • Native and Conservation Blends
  • Special and Custom Mixes
  • Seed and Straw with Tac or Crimped
  • Temporary and Permanent Seeding/ Winter Seeding
  • Hydro Seeding
  • Tacifier
  • Flexterra
  • Earthguard
  • Pro-Matrix

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