Our Company

Learn about the history of KLEIN and its relationship with YAK ACCESS.

KLEIN is a best-in-class environmental restoration company serving Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, and Kentucky.


Erik Klein, the founder of KLEIN, is a born entrepreneur, starting his first business, Klein’s Lawn & Landscaping, in 2000, before even graduating from high school. The business grew quickly, providing lawn care and landscaping services throughout northern Ohio, and before long Klein had taken on five employees.

Klein thought strategically about his work and focused on seizing new market opportunities. After connecting with a customer in the utilities space, he developed Klein’s Restoration Services in 2012, focused on providing access for utility companies. By 2014, when environmental restoration laws came into effect, Klein and his team offered their expertise to help companies remain in compliance after completing construction for utility access projects.

By focusing on understanding what his customers needed, Klein has expanded the business in multiple directions over the years. The company developed and patented EPZ Grounding Grates, an equipotential matting system for electrical workers, in 2015. And since traffic control is essential to efficiently and safely access road projects, Klein also launched a traffic control staffing and equipment leasing solution, LANE LOGIX, in 2019. 
That entrepreneurial insight helped Klein’s Restoration Services grow from a 6-employee company to over 250 employees, ultimately resulting in its acquisition by North America’s largest matting supplier, YAK ACCESS, in 2019.

Today, as part of YAK ACCESS, KLEIN provides the same expertise, exemplary safety standards and quality customer service, but now with access to a world-class mat inventory, KLEIN is able to immediately supply matting for any business need. In joining forces with YAK ACCESS, KLEIN now provides the personal service that its customers have always enjoyed, with the scale of an enterprise company.