Industries We Serve

KLEIN operates regionally throughout Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Indiana, Maryland, and Kentucky. We support our customers with construction and restoration work in three key industries:

Pipeline Midstream Construction

When transporting oil and gas through underground pipelines, working with a company that understands best practices and all safety regulations for protecting groundwater and soil is essential. KLEIN has worked extensively in this space and will help you formulate an environmentally friendly plan for your midstream pipeline construction needs.

Power Line Transmission and Distribution

Power line transmission and distribution work calls for a strong focus on safety to protect your employees. KLEIN crews are equipped with rigorous safety training and have direct access to EPZ Grounding Grates to provide grounded equipotential protection to project sites.

General Construction

KLEIN provides services in the areas of site development and temporary or permanent road installation to general construction projects of all shapes and sizes. 

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