Clearing & Grubbing

KLEIN offers right-of-way clearing and land grubbing.

After purchasing undeveloped land and conducting a site survey, clearing and grubbing is the next part of the construction site development process before building can begin. KLEIN’s fleet includes more than 200 pieces of specialized equipment for land clearing, including bulldozers, excavators, and hydroseeders for reseeding ground after it’s been cleared. KLEIN offers numerous solutions for land clearing and grubbing on lots of any size or geographic situation.

Land Clearing Services

Our land clearing services are customized based on the geography of the construction site and may include pipeline and power line right-of-way clearing. We use tractors, grinders, mulchers, and other industrial equipment to clear all vegetation from the construction site and right-of-way areas. In some cases, we may also use a safe controlled burn to clear the area. 

Land Grubbing Services

Once the land has been cleared, our team works to grub the area, excavating it of any stumps, roots, and boulders in the soil. Once cleared, all vegetation is disposed of in compliance with environmental regulations.

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