Directional Drilling

Learn about our directional boring and directional drilling services.

If you are installing conduits in a high-volume or environmentally protected area, your company should consider using horizontal directional drilling. 

Directional drilling is a technique used to drill at an angle, so that conduits can be installed underneath existing constructs such as roads, buildings or wetlands. Using directional drilling helps to avoid disrupting traffic in inhabited areas, and enables your company to quickly and efficiently complete underground installations. This technique is often used to install utilities including water, sewer, fiber, electric and gas. 

Using horizontal directional drilling results in minimal impact to the surrounding landscape and traffic flow, and enables your company to minimize the cost of environmental restoration.

In addition to directional drilling, KLEIN offers related services including:

  • Hydrovac excavation
  • Trenching
  • HDPE pipe fusion
  • Pulling cables through conduit
  • Site restoration
  • Traffic control
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