Environmental Compliance Monitoring

Learn how an environmental compliance consultancy helps your construction projects.

KLEIN provides many environmental compliance management services to help clients follow local environmental regulations and report to both internal and external stakeholders.

We serve as an “in-house” environmental compliance company for electric transmission line construction, reconstruction, and upgrading projects. By providing our clients with guidance to self-monitor based on specific criteria, we have helped them greatly improve erosion control, sediment control and restoration practices on their job sites. 

Our complete scope of environmental compliance management services includes:

Pre-Construction Stage

  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Best Management Practice (BMP) plan development and consultation
  • Erosion Control Device (ECD) layout planning
  • Environmental site inspections and stormwater impact assessments prior to work activities
  • Pollution prevention planning

Active Construction Stage

  • Stormwater and pollution prevention inspections and reporting
  • Environmental impacts assessments and minimization consultation

  • Maintenance inspection and reporting
  • Environmental management review and regulation
  • Advising on Best Management Practice (BMP) and Erosion Control Device (ECD) procedure, installation and improvement

Post-Construction Stage

  • Environmental and restorative oversight
  • Quality control inspection, analysis, consultation and reporting
  • Impacts and recovery assessment
  • Assurance inspection of Best Management Practice (BMP) and Erosion Control Device (ECD) effectiveness
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