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KLEIN  provides access matting for jobs of all sizes and types, including construction mats for temporary roads and bridges. Through our sister company, YAK MAT, the largest supplier of access matting in North America, we are equipped to develop temporary roadways and access paths and supply safety matting for projects of any scope and geographical situation. We’ve also developed a proprietary safety matting solution, called SAFESTEPTM EPZ Grounding Grates, for utility construction and restoration work.

SAFESTEP EPZ Grounding Grates are used to develop safe equipotential work zones on transmission and distribution projects.

In collaboration with YAK MAT, KLEIN has direct access to our own line of patented safety matting, called SAFESTEP EPZ Grounding Grates.

These all-in-one, galvanized steel grates establish a safe, bonded and grounded equipotential zone for construction and restoration work near transmission lines, distribution lines and portable substations, and on renewable energy projects.

The SAFESTEP EPZ Grounding Grates provide bonding to eliminate workers’ exposure to potential voltage in the event of accidental exposure to an electrical current. The grates cause the current to flow through their protective grounding system and thus limit its potential to cause a dangerous electrocution shock.

We Provide Safe Equipotential Work Zones For:
Transmission Lines
Distribution Lines
Portable Solutions
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